Enough! Now is the time for our Opposition to Oppose – stop Brexit!

We need to stop Theresa May railroading the UK into a hard Brexit without a democratic mandate. It is time for the Commons to unite against this horror show and put the UK back on track.

After the CPC16 debacle it is clear that the PM and her Ministers have moved into very scary and shameful territory.  The racist and xenophobic theme of the conference with “If you are Citizens of the World you are Citizens of Nowhere” and “Name and Shame” companies employing too many foreigners the Prime Minister and her Ministers have gone too far.

Theresa May made it abundantly clear that the Government will insist that the Freedom of Movement (FoM) of EU Migrants must be stopped as part of any EU exit deal.

The EU have made it crystal clear that the UK will not be allowed to retain membership of the EU Customs Union (Single Market) if they do not maintain the FoM rights for EU Migrants.

These are red-lines for both parties.  If the Government continue with their stated strategy the UK will, in all likelihood, have to lose it’s Single Market membership.

There has never been a “clear vote” or “mandate” for the UK to leave the EU without a sensible, workable deal. It is  very unlikely that there would have been a majority for this option if presented on June 23rd.

More importantly it was not presented or voted upon. It is the Government’s stated intention to proceed with this strategy.

More importantly, there has been no vote that has been taken to establish if such a deal is acceptable and  yet our Government is saying that they will negotiate with these pre-conditions and they do not need to ask the people or parliament before they trigger a process that they will not be able to stop.

Theresa May has no mandate to do this #NoMandateMay

This cannot be allowed to happen.

If the Government can demonstrate that there is a majority in favour of this kind of deal then so be it however they have not and cannot.  June 23rd did no such thing and just saying it did does not help.

Opposition, now is your time.

We now know that the Government plan to trigger Article 50 in March 2017. Before then the Government must be held to account. It is unlikely that any grass-roots movement can mobilize quickly enough to stop the madness that was unleashed in Birmingham this week.

Thus it can only happen if the opposition parties unite in a common cause to save the UK.

Labour, SNP, UUP,  LibDem, Greens, SDLP, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru and Independents have 317 of the 326 votes required for a majority.

A united opposition must call and carry a No Confidence resolution in HM Government.

317 is not a majority, another 11 votes would be required so the No Confidence motion will need to be worded in such as way that enough (11+) of the sensible Conservatives are compelled by a sense of honour to support the good of the UK rather than the extremist views of their current leadership.

Suggested wording could be:

The House of Commons resolves “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government ability to negotiate a exit deal with the EU that would be in the best interests of the UK. By making the withdrawal of the rights of EU Migrant workers under the  Freedom of Movement (FoM) Directive a mandatory requirement they have excluded the types of deal that would allow the UK to retain membership of the EU Customs Union (Single Market).  The remaining options were not voted upon in the EU Referendum and have never received a mandate from the UK electorate or the members of this House.”

Such wording would force moderate Conservative MPs to support the motion or support Hard Brexit.

I find it inconceivable that they would all be capable of supporting an option that is so obviously flawed as a Hard Brexit.

And then?

A successful No Confidence resolution would  force an early general election to be held within 25 days.

The Opposition will need to remain united through the election to ensure that the Conservatives do not win a majority if they persevere with their current stated positions on the pre-condition of scrapping the FoM rights. At the very least deals will need to be made at a local level but hopefully a coalition to renew the UK could be formed.

Renewal Government

Stopping the Tories will not solve the underlying problems.  There are real problems that will need to be addressed. There are also misconceptions, such as the unfair demonizing of EU Migrants, that will also have to be addressed.

The Renewal government will be in a position to hold sensible, constructive discussions with our EU partners to fix issues that are surely there.

Time for leadership

This is the time for our opposition leaders to show what they are made of.  Jeremy, Nicola, Tim et al are you up to the challenge?


Theresa May has no mandate to do this #NoMandateMay








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